Solid Colours

Fabrics of solid colour are an important element to any fabric collection. Our solid coloured fabrics include tsumugi, azumino-momen, yarn-dyed and sarashi muslin. Tsumugi fabrics are yarn-dyed shot-cottons with the warp thread one colour and the weft thread always black. This method of production gives an almost luminous effect to the fabric and a subtle texture giving them versatile functionality as garments, in quilts or bags. Azumino-momen fabrics are piece-dyed in the Azumino district of Japan (momen means cotton) hence the name Azumino-momen. Before they are placed in a small pot for dying the fabrics go through a process to create a natural wrinkle finish. This gives the fabric a distinctive feel which stays in the fabric even after washing. Azumino-momen is ideal for sashiko, embroidery, garments, quilts, soft-furnishings and bags. There is an unpatterned yarn-dyed sakizome momen fabric which has an ecru base thread and features a sedate colour range. Sarashi muslin is a very fine weight fabric with a soft feel and is perfect for sashiko.

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