Welcome to our online shop where we invite you to discover a wide range of textiles and crafts from Japan. We have sourced the very finest materials from Japan for quilting, sashiko, kogin and shibori. We offer both traditional and more contemporary designs, making your completed sewing project adaptable to a variety of interiors. We encourage those just starting out with sewing to try their hand at one of our beginner kits and for experienced sewers there are many projects to inspire including quilt kits designed by renowned Australian designer Jane MacDonald.


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    Explore our wide range of accessories for your next stitching project. We have accessories for crafts such as bag-making, indigo-dying, quilting and sashiko. We have needles and pins of exceptional quality from Tulip Needles and leather thimbles for sashiko. Our range includes handware for bags such as koki clips and magnetic closures, and also elements for making brooches and other unique decorative projects. We have very popular bag tape used for making bags in various colours, materials and widths, as well as sanada-himo woven band made from traditionally dyed cotton threads. Waxed cotton cording is available in a wide range of colours and two different widths which is used in the ever popular drawstring bag series designed by Jane MacDonald.

  • Block Of The Month

    We propose each year one or two block of the month programs. With a monthly fee, receive every second month a parcel containing the fabrics needed to achieve a quilt.

    This year we have the pleasure to propose two BOM programs:

    Jane MacDonald's Stepping Stone Quilt, a large 65'' x 75'' sashiko featuring quilt with 100% Japanese fabrics. Jane's largest quilt so far has attracted lots of interest with her distinctive style yet easy to achieve program. A lot of fun to make.

    Anni Down's whimsical "A Day in Happy Land", a 55'' x 56'' quilt featuring appliqué and embroidery. Our version of this program involves Japanese fabrics and embroidery threads and French linen. Anni's BOM will be available shortly; please contact us for pre-registrations

  • Sashiko

    All of our materials for sashiko are of the finest quality and proudly produced in Japan. We offer a wide range of sashiko supplies including rich cotton tsumugi fabrics for sashiko, pre-stencilled sashiko fabrics, hana fukin (sashiko samplers), kits, sashiko needles, thimbles and sasiko threads. If you are new to sashiko, we recommend trying one of sashiko beginner kits and viewing some of our free sashiko tutorial videos to get you started with the basics. Our sashiko panels are very popular, with designs from Jane MacDonald and Susan Briscoe.

  • Embroidery & Kogin

    Our embroidery range is of exceptional quality, with designs including Jane MacDonald’s popular Vase of Flowers and kits from the remarkable embroidery artist Alice Makabe. The embroidery thread range from Olympus Thread have a smooth feel and natural shine. They include a wide range of colours, available as collections or as single skeins. We also welcome you to explore our kogin range which is a traditional Japanese embroidery. This range features kits including tablerunners, pouches, brooches and bags.

  • Fabrics

    Explore our Japanese fabric range from rich shot-cotton tsumugis to pre-stencilled sashiko fabric on the bolt we have something to complement your current project or to inspire the next. Our 100% cotton fabrics are produced exclusively in Japan and include yarn-dyed cloth, pre-stencilled fabrics for sashiko, traditional takumi, woven stripes and shot-cotton tsumugi.

  • Threads

    Our thread range includes everything you could need to get started on your next stitching project. Our evergrowing collection includes sashiko, embroidery, crochet and kogin threads. Our sashiko thread range from Olympus Thread includes both solid and variegated colours, with fine and regular widths. We have carefully selected collections of sashiko threads in complementary colours to work perfectly with your next project. Similarly our embroidery threads include the Garden Party series which feature collections of threads with harmonious colour palettes. Specifically designed for kogin work, kogin threads are six-stranded threads and are available in both solid and variegated colours. Our crochet thread range can also be used for sashiko work. Our threads are made from 100% cotton and are all made in Japan.

  • Projects

    Start your next project with one of our inspiring kits or patterns from popular designers including Jane MacDonald and Alice Makabe. Choose either from our premade kits or make your own by choosing your pattern, threads, fabrics and accessories. If you are just starting with sashiko we recommend trying one of our sashiko beginner kits. There are also kits made in Japan that are excellently illustrated for a range of projects including kogin and embroidery. Our range features many soft furnishing projects for the home. Our most popular projects include tablerunners, quilts and bags but we also have designs for garments, brooches, pouches, placemats and coasters. We offer books that can inspire your next projects for sashiko, kogin and embroidery.

  • Workshops

    BeBe Bold organizes workshops in Arc et Senans, as well as in your club, for a group with no limit on the number of participants.

    The topics covered are:

    Sashiko Embroidery - The decorative running stitch that can be done in countless ways

    Boro - Creating a new textile from fabric scraps

    Shibori - Creating patterns by compressing fabric and then dyeing it with indigo

    Please contact us to learn more.

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