Appliqué, Sashiko, Kogin & Boro Inspired Workshops
 with Jane MacDonald

Arc-et-Senans, France
04-07 September 2019


Join Japanese textile specialist Jane MacDonald for workshops in appliqué, sashiko, kogin and boro inspired designs. 
These workshops will be an opportunity to meet like-minded people from around the world and to learn more about the material art forms of appliqué, sashiko, kogin and boro. We look forward to meeting you soon. 

Before purchasing your tickets, please write to us to register your interest so we can send you a full description together with a registration form and the conditions of service. 



Wednesday 4th September:

Wildflowers (Appliqué)

Learn appliqué techniques with Jane's freeform appliqué design Wildflowers, reminiscent of a field blossoming into spring. It is perfectly complemented by our range of Japanese yarn-dyed sakizomemomen fabrics and kogin embroidery threads from Olympus Thread. 

This pattern can be used to make a cushion, drawstring bag, table-runner or even the beginning of a quilt.

Size approximately: 58cm x 20cm (8in x 23in)

Kit includes: All fabric, pattern, instructions, thread and G710 interfacing.

Requirements: You will need to bring some general sewing supplies including sharp fabric scissors, paper scissors, pins, fusible web (vliesofix), fabric glue pen, embroidery needles size 7 (included in the Tulip Assorted Embroidery Needles pack), thimble if you use one. 

Thursday 5th & Friday 6th September: Please note this is a 2 day class

Sashiko Basics, Kogin and One-Stitch Sashiko (Hitomezashi) 

This is a two day workshop in which Jane will cover a range of sashiko techniques including stitching and transferring designs. Jane will go through all the details of sashiko embroidery so you don't need any previous experience with stitching. You will discover a modern application of sashiko by making samples that can later be made into a drawstring bag, cushion or incorporated into a quilt. This is a technique based workshops in which Jane will show you how sashiko, kogin and hitomezashi can be used as features on everyday textiles. 

Kit includes: 20 cm of navy tsumugi fabric, 1 x 10 inch square of navy dot grid fabric, sashiko needle, sashiko thread and thimble. There will also be lots of hitomezashi to experiment with.

Requirements: You will need to bring some general sewing supplies including sharp fabric scissors, pins, ruler, sticky tape. 

Saturday 7th September 

Boro Kinchaku Bag 

Saturday’s program will cover the making of a Boro Kinchaku Bag. This bag designed by Jane is a drawstring bag that is perfect to hold your stitching materials on the go. The waxed cotton cording is attached with koki clips which are very easy to install. Jane will show you how to lay the boro fabrics and embroider the sashiko thread to create the best effects. 

Kit includes: 
1 cut cloth pack (you can bring your own fabric pieces if you prefer), sashiko needle, 8 x koki clips and waxed cotton cording

Requirements: You will need to bring some general sewing supplies for either class that includes scissors, ruler, sewing thread, a sewing needle, pins and a hera marker if you have one. 


The price for one day of the workshops is 120€, two days is 235€ and 4 days is 460€. This price includes kit for the workshop, morning tea, buffet lunch and afternoon tea.

Local Information & Accommodation Options:

You will notice that we are across the road from the Saline Royale, a UNESCO listed site which features exhibitions, extensive gardens and events. The Doubs and Jura region is rich with cultural interest and natural beauty. If you are a visitor, it would be a great opportunity to explore the local area including the ancient city of Besançon and the salt thermal spas of Salins les Bains. If you would like further information about tourist attractions locally we are happy to assist. 

Please let us know if you will be requiring accommodation and we are happy to help with these arrangements. There are few different options available locally so if you could please let us know what type of accommodation you would prefer we will try to meet your requirements. 


The workshops will be in English but we will have a French speaker at hand to assist. As it is such a visual medium, we find that non-English speakers are able to work with ease and follow the directions of the class with a little extra guidance with translations. 

To register your interest, please send us a message with the contact form. 

Many thanks, 

BeBe Bold