BeBe Bold Textile Tour to Japan - Sashiko and Boro Workshops in France

BeBe Bold Textile Tour to Japan - Sashiko and Boro Workshops in France

Published by BeBe Bold on 4th Jan 2019

Sashiko and Boro Atelier with Jane MacDonald 

We are really looking forward to the arrival of Jane MacDonald for our Sashiko and Boro Atelier in early February. It is BeBe Bold's first event in the village of Arc-et-Senans in the Doubs region, east of France and one we are all looking forward to. It will be the perfect activity for the cold and sometimes rainy/snowy weather at this time of the year in Europe. A chance to meet others who share an interest in these stitching techniques in an historic building across the road from the UNESCO listed Saline Royale.

Poster up for Jane's Sashiko and Boro Workshop! Visit us and the Saline Royale across the road.

Jane MacDonald will lead the workshops, sharing her expertise in sashiko stitching techniques and creating boro inspired projects. Jane is based in Australia and runs BeBe Bold in sunny Northern NSW near Byron Bay. Bookings are filling up so please contact us as soon as you can to avoid disappointment. 

The 2018 BeBe Bold Tour of Japan 

2018 BeBe Bold Group Tour of Japan. Jane MacDonald with Shuji Yamazaki of Wabi-Sabi Designs

Jane has just returned to Australia after co-hosting the 2018 BeBe Bold tour of Japan with Shuji Yamazaki of Wabi-Sabi Designs in Canberra, Australia. From the photos, it looks like they are having a really wonderful time, rich with discoveries of Japanese textiles, cuisine and historic sites (including the famous Philosopher's Walk in Kyoto). 

On the Philosopher's Walk in Kyoto 
Philosopher's Walk Kyoto


The view from my hotel window in Yuza... 
The view from the hotel in Yuza

Short walk to the beach from the hotel. So dramatic!

These are photos at the beach just a short stroll from our hotel in Yuza, such a dramatic scene. The snow and the surf at once! Jane and the tour group had the good fortune to attend workshops with renowned experts Japanese sensai (masters); including the highly sort-after Yuza Sashiko Workshop with Reiko Domon and the Yuza sashiko group in Yuza Machi. 

Jane MacDonald with Reiko Domon at the Yuza Sashiko Workshop

A sample of Yuza Sashiko from the workshop
A sample of Yuza Sashiko from the workshop

A few photos from the treasures at the Shibori Kaikan in Arimatsu.

Sample of Shibori at the Shibori Kaikan in Arimatsu

Shibori at the Shibori Kaikan

A rare and extraordinary example of kogin at the Amuse Museum. 
Amazing example of kogin at the Amuse Museum, truly inspiring.

The tour joined a kogin class at the Kogin Institute in Hirosaki. Kogin can be a great feature on everyday garments. They loved this wonderful example on a jacket at the Kogin Institute.

Stylish jacket from the Kogin Institute

And a visit to see Akiko Ike of Chiku Chiku fame in Niigata. 

Akiko Ike and Jane MacDonald in Niigata

Pincushions from the Chiku Chiku workshop 
Pincushions from the Chiku Chiku workshop with Akiko Ike

Sample of Akiko Ike's work 
Sample of Akiko Ike's work

Another striking sample of Akiko Ike's work. 
A sample of Akiko Ike's work

Sashiko on the photographer's jeans, wonderful! 

Sashiko on jeans

We are just a little bit envious... 

Don't forget the workshop in February! Places are filling up, Boro on Saturday and Sashiko on Sunday, with a Friday evening meet and greet.  

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